Whilst in the Club House

  • On entering the Clubhouse please immediately wash your hands (each and every time).
  • Please keep your distance from other members (recommended 2 meters) at all time.
  • If using the coffee machine, please wash hands and use paper cups.
  • Please avoid all contact with the office and use email or phone calls to contact.

As competitions will still be taking place the guidelines and procedures are as follows:-

  • Please do not shake hands.
  • Do not touch flagsticks and remove golf ball with utmost care.
  • Hole cups have been turned upside down so that golf balls can be removed easily.
  • Only pick up your own golf ball.
  • Do not share equipment.
  • Rakes have been removed from bunkers – treat as GUR.
  • Keep your distance from each other – recommended 2 meters apart.
  • On completion of round check scores are correct verbally and just marker to sign.
  • Please do not use shoe cleaning station.
  • Entering scorecards, please place in usual place next to computer and it will be inputted at a later time and date by a club individual.
  • If you can, please bring your own hand sanitiser.

Pro Shop

  • Please pay in pro shop (correct money would be appreciated £4).
  • Only one person allowed in the shop at any one time.
  • Door will be open so please do not touch the handle

Last of all

  • We will keep you updated with any further developments regarding the ongoing coronavirus situation.
  • Enjoy your game.
  • The golf course gives fresh air, exercise and respite.

Many thanks

Runcorn Golf Club